Captain Crunch ( Indica) Dominant (Hybrid) – 70% Indica/ 30% Sativa THC:20%


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Captain Crunch cannabis strain is a 70/30 Indica dominant marijuana hybrid. The breeders of this kush remain unknown. These marijuana plants produce large, dark green buds frosted with trichomes. As the name suggests, Captain Crunch marijuana smells like the cereal it was named after, with hints of pine. Her moderate, 12%-15% THC content makes this weed a good choice for first time users. Captain Crunch marijuana strain is good for evening and night time use due to sedative properties. Type of High Captain Crunch marijuana strain induces uplifting cerebral euphoria and strong body buzz. Boosts appetite, alleviates anxiety and stress. Followed by body-mind relaxation, couch-lock and sleep. Provides mild pain control, helps with insomnia Genetics Aka: Crunch Berries, Crunchberry or Crunch Berry Kush. The genetic origins of Captain Crunch cannabis strain are OG Kush X an unknown berry strain. Indica / Sativa Ratio Indica Dominant Hybrid (30% Sativa / 70% Indica)

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