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These suppositories were created as a cannabis delivery system to support the individuals need for cannabinoid intake. Suppositories should be refrigerated until ready for use. each suppository contains approx 5mg of CBD and 2.5mg of THC effects should occur within minutes of insertion. As with any suppository there will be residual oils present for a short period after use. We use pure emu oil as the delivery system, we have found it to be far superior to any other plant or synthetic base available when it comes to emulsifying the cannabis extracts and carrying the extracts through the skin and internal tissues. Patients with hemorrhoids, Crohns disease, and more have had success with this medicine. There are many advantages to the rectal administration of cannabis not afforded by other routes. Medicine may still be administered even if the oral route is impaired (e.g., due to vomiting, an injured jaw or throat, or gastrointestinal difficulties) or disallowed due to the oral intake restrictions that are frequently required both before and after surgery. Avoiding the gastrointestinal tract also prevents first-pass metabolism by the stomach and liver, which break down many different molecules into their constituent parts (including 9-tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC), and allows the active constituents to reach the blood in much higher concentrations. In the case of THC, the liver transforms around half of what is ingested into the significantly more psychoactive metabolite 11-Hydroxy-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. While not harmful in and of itself and potentially of therapeutic benefit, this molecule causes much more intense cognitive effects than THC. Rectal administration not only avoids these effects, but also allows a much greater proportion of THC to eventually reach the blood stream. This increase in overall efficiency is also shown in the different levels of bio-availability that different administration routes afford. Rectal administration also allows for medicine to exert effects over localized ailments (e.g., hemorrhoidal tissue, inflammation of the rectum, or tumors in the rectal cavity). This form of use also has a much faster uptake than oral administration (around 10 minutes, on average) and leads to more consistent blood concentrations of the active constituents. The speed and reliability of their uptake combined with their circumvention of many of the issues surrounding both ingestion and inhalation make rectal applications an excellent addition to both new and pre-existing therapeutic regimens. Comparative bioavailability of different administration routes: Inhalation : 10 25% efficiency, highly variable, depends largely on the individuals level of experience/tolerance. Oral : around 20% efficiency, highly variable, even between doses within a single individual and again depending on experience/tolerance. Rectal : around 50% 70% efficiency, with predictable effects even between different individuals with high tolerances

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