Koi Natural 3000mg SpearMint/Natural/Orange/Lemon-Lime/ CBD Tincture


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Each 60ml bottle of Koi Naturals is infused with Koi PRIZM© Full Spectrum CBD Blend with Absolutely No THC (0%) Choose from Two CBD Strength Levels: 1500mg & 3000mg Available in 2 Delectable Flavors: Natural and Spearmint 100% natural, No artificial Flavorings, Only the Bare Essentials are Included Active Cannabinoids Include CBD, CBN, CBDV, & CBG For Ease of Administering the Correct Dosage Spray the Top of the Bottle Koi Naturals are Designed to be Used Orally (Sublingual) or Added to Your Food & Drinks 3000mg (0% THC Free) – 60mg of CBD/1.2mL Depending on your personal preference, the Koi Naturals Tincture can be consumed orally (sublingual), or added to food or drinks: 2 Sprays, 1-3 times per day, as needed. Spray under your tongue for faster absorption Serving Size: 2 Sprays

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